Google Keyword Planner bids farewell to keyword forecasting in recent changes

Google Ads has recently made changes to its Keyword Planner, discontinuing the maintenance of individual and ad group keyword forecasting. This decision, as explained by Ginny Marvin, Google’s Ad Liaison, was driven by the fact that only a small number of advertisers were utilizing these features.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that campaign-level forecasts and historical keyword-level data remain accessible through the platform.

The significance of this change lies in the impact it has on advertisers. With the removal of individual and ad group keyword forecasting, advertisers lose access to valuable insights, including crucial metrics such as spend. These insights play a vital role in making informed decisions and optimizing advertising strategies effectively.


For those unfamiliar with Keyword Planner, it’s a tool designed to assess the potential performance of keywords. It leverages historical search data to project potential future outcomes for a set of keywords based on your allocated budget. These estimates then assist in guiding decisions related to keyword grouping and bid settings.

This alteration underscores the need for advertisers to adapt to evolving tools and features within the Google Ads platform, ensuring that they continue to make data-driven choices in their advertising endeavors.

What Google said. Ginny Marvin said on X (Twitter):

“Few advertisers were using individual & ad group keyword forecasting in Keyword Planner so as of this summer we’re no longer maintaining these forecasts in our system.”
“Campaign-level forecasts & historical keyword-level data are still available.”