What is Digital Marketing? 4 steps in Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

In this post you will learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing. To know about digital marketing you need to take a step back and know more about marketing. Marketing is called the process of someone asking people to take action. For example, someone can ask people to buy a product, to join a group, or to watch a video or to visit their store in a mall. All of these processes we call marketing, now what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is exactly the same thing, but one difference is happening on the Internet. For example, someone can ask people to subscribe to their YouTube channel, someone asks people to buy their product on their website, someone ask people to sign up to their email list, someone can ask people to follow their Instagram page inside an Instagram all of these processes we call digital marketing.

You should always remember that there is always someone or some brand or some company here asking people to take action when it happens on the internet, it always includes 4 steps.

Four steps in Digital Marketing.

  • Target Audience
  • Platform to Promote
  • Convince the Target audience
  • Measure and Optimize

Target Audience

So the first one is to define the target audience which is who you are going to approach to take action. Not everybody needs the product you are selling. You can take your product and put it in front of everybody, but it will just be a huge waste of money since not everybody needs that product. So isn’t it better to just show that product to the people who are interested and probably have more intentions to buy that product? This way you have more budget and you can show that product to those specific people several times. So it will increase the chance of convincing them and for you to make more money. So this is why it is important as a first step to define our target audience. Click here to find out how to create target audience¬†

Platform to Promote

The second step is to appear where the target audience is looking for a specific product. For example, let’s say you are selling headphones people who are those target audience who are interested in buying a headphone will look for that product. Will they look for it on Google? Will they look for it on Amazon? Of course, they may go there and search for it specifically, for example, headphones and even buy one. But those target audiences probably won’t go on TikTok and search for headphones, right?

So knowing where they will look for it is extremely important because when you know this exactly, you can be prepared there. So when they are looking for that product, hey, you are there and ready to convince them.

Convince the Target audience

The third step is to convince the target audience to take action. Now this action can be anything.
You can convince them to buy a product. You can convince them to sign up on your email list to complete a survey, to follow you on your social media account. It can be anything, and this step is where the marketing strategy comes in. The strategies that help you to convince people to take action.
Till now, the first step was defining the audience, the second step is to appear where they are looking for that product. And the third step is to convince them to buy the product, isn’t it? All the steps that we need in digital marketing, you are probably right. But the fourth step is a guarantee for your sales to continue over and over. For example, you make a lot of marketing strategies and you convince people to buy your product and you start to sell very well. So what is the fourth step for?

Measure and Optimize

The fourth step is to measure and optimize. When you complete the first three steps, people start buying your product and you may say, okay, that’s enough, let it just go for itself and let’s make some money. But this will not continue forever,the market will change, the people’s taste may change. For example, your competitors may come out and offer your target audience a better deal or a better product with higher quality. So there are a lot of different factors that can affect your digital marketing strategy, and the fourth step is here to make sure you keep making money, you keep selling the product, you keep convincing people to take that action which you are interested in. Imagine you’re driving on a road and on the sides of the road there are different types of signs, right? We all saw them. For example, a sign may tell you that after 200 meters, you should turn to the right. So if you don’t see the sign and you have high speed, probably when you get there, you will have problems and you will maybe go out of the road. Now the same story is happening in your digital marketing strategy. There are different signs that will show you that, hey, in the next upcoming months you will face these problems and you will have issues with sales, your sales may decrease for different reasons. During the fourth step, you need to look for these signs, and how to translate them, how to understand the meaning of these signs so you can fix and improve your business, your marketing strategy, whatever it is before that problem hits you, before the market changes and your sales decrease.

So all of these four steps are extremely important for you to have a successful digital marketing system. It doesn’t matter if it is your own business, if you are producing a product, if you are working for a company and doing marketing for the product, you just need to follow these four steps and you will get great results.