How to start a Blog that helps you earn

How to start a Blog

Start a Blog in 6 Steps

  1. Pick a blog name
  2. Get your blog online
  3. Customize your blog
  4. Write & publish your first post
  5. Promote your blog
  6. Make money blogging

Pick a blog name

Picking a blog name is a critical step in creating a blog, your blog name should relate to the niche you are going to write your blog. You can use online tools to generate name for your blog click here to generate name

Get your blog online

To get your blog online you need to have a domain and hosting setup there are many hosting providers who provide hosting services for WordPress here are few of them who I suggest

Once you decide on the plan which you want check for a domain name which will resemble your blog name. Domain name is how the users are going to find your website/blog.

Follow the steps provided by the hosting provider to setup your wordpress blog.


Customize your blog

Once set up is done choose a these which you want for your website. Theme will decide your look and feel of your website.  Please watch the video by hostiger to setup wordpress.

Write & publish your first post

WordPress is by default build for blogging its easy to publish your post in wordpress. But before you publish your post you need to find the topic for your first blog post do some research on your niche understand what will be the best topic to take for your first blog. There are two types of topics one is the topics which are trending on the moment, these topics will loose its momentum after the trend is over and other topics are which are like core of your niche these will have its momentum for long time. Choose one topic and start your research combine your findings and put it in simple and detailed way so even a person who does not have much idea about the topic can under stand your content. Try to find your own way of writing and consistent structure in which you want to publish your blog. This will help you in the long run. 

Promote your blog

Creating your post with structure is only the beginning when you have your new blog you need to promote your blog so people know that your blog exist. there are multiple ways to promote your blog like social media, google ads, SEO, collaboration with other bloggers etc. 

Make money blogging

To make money using blog you need to have a minimum of 1000 visitors per month in your website once you reach the numbers you can signup for google adsense or you can start promoting the products in your niche in by signing up for their affiliate program.